Kansas to Shut Down All Abortion Clinics Friday | Mother Jones

by Kelly Thomas Reardon

The new law, which takes effect Friday, sets strict new standards for abortion providers, requiring changes to the size and number of rooms, requiring them to have additional supplies on hand, and even mandating room temperatures for the facilities. Given that the rules were released less than two weeks before clinics were expected to be in compliance, many providers knew they weren’t going to be able to obtain a license to continue operating. The laws, often called “targeted regulation of abortion providers,” or TRAP laws, are an increasingly common legislative maneuver to limit access to abortion by making it difficult, if not impossible, for providers to comply.

With today’s announcement that the Overland Park clinic was also denied a license, Kansas becomes the first state to effectively make the legally protected right to access abortion services unavailable in the state. One clinic in Kansas has already filed suit against the new rules, and a hearing on that suit is planned for Friday. Planned Parenthood is also expected to sue.

“The women of Kansas waiting on their scheduled procedures will pay the immediate price for this outrageous and flagrant exertion of the radical GOP???s legislative muscle under the Brownback administration,” said Kansas NOW in a statement Thursday. “The freedom and right to legal healthcare has been denied to the women of Kansas.”

So much for their “legally protected rights” to these services. I also appreciate how well regulated the abortion clinics will be while the financial industry runs around doing whatever they damn well please, putting the entire country’s financial state at risk, but no one bats an eye.