Top 10 Geekiest Activities

by Kelly Thomas Reardon

So, we were very productive at work this morning. My boss & one of our Tax guys came up with the top 10 geekiest activities. Here they are for your pleasure:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons
  2. LARPing (if you don’t know this, search YouTube. Now.)
  3. Geocaching
  4. Playing a part in a Ren Fair
  5. Adults on non-motorized scooters
  6. Segway tours
  7. Ham Radio
  8. Model railroad building
  9. Stamp/coin collecting
  10. Disc golf

Things I’ve been guilty of: Stamp/coin collecting. Also just missing out on the list: Making a Top 10 list of geek activities.

Additional activities added:

  • From my buddy Levi:
    • Cosplay (how the hell did I miss this one?)
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Pokemon