Help rename @theXHL’s Toronto franchise!

by Kelly Thomas Reardon

Help me rename my simulation hockey team! I started last summer with the XHL, taking control of a horrible and bewildered Toronto franchise, currently named the St. Pat’s, after the past name of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs. After another struggling season of a ridiculously weak roster, which I bolstered as best I could, and having minimal draft picks, prospects or talented youth to use in trades, we finished second to last in our league, which according to some, was actually quite an accomplishment. This upcoming offseason, the XHL’s Toronto franchise has tons of roster space and tons of cap dollars to spend this offseason. The transition to new ownership last season, along with new expectations of obtaining talented players and making an impact this season made me want to rename and rebrand the team. Obviously, the first step is renaming the team. After that will come designing a logo and new jerseys! Please help me select a new name for my team by reading the options below and voting in the poll. Thank you!

  • Brewers: Based on Toronto’s past distillery and current and growing microbrewing industry.
  • Nationals: Obviously because Toronto was formerly the capital of Canada, but is also capital of Ontario, and is the economic capital of Canada. Would choose Capitals instead, but obviously taken. Stolen from MLL team.
  • Flames: Based on Toronto’s two Great Fires that ravaged the city and the Burning of York after the Battle of York (present day Toronto).
  • Fire: Ditto.
  • Phoenix: Ditto, since the mythical Phoenix is reborn from flames, just like the city of Toronto was rebuilt from the Great Fires and the hope of the rebirth of this Toronto franchise.
VOTE BELOW! The poll will close at midnight today, so be sure to vote today!